Product no.: BC-SS-KO-SWD

​​​​​​ Basecamp, Kelly's 'large' version. Carry Bag Included. Compact & lightweight boiling approx. 6 Mugs of water within minutes. 

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Product no.: CSL

The Cook Set enables our Kettle to be turned into a portable cooker eliminating the need to carry any fuel on your trips. Cost-Free, Carbon Neutral, Eco-Friendly cooking! The set fits inside the base of the Kettle for transport!

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Product no.: CUPS

2 x High-quality single-walled Stainless Steel Camping Cups.

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Product no.: HOBO-L

Turn the fire-base of your Basecamp and Scout Kettle into an effective wood fired Camp Stove with this Hobo Stove accessory.

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Product no.: PLATES

2 x High-quality Stainless Steel Plates.

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