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How is the kettle lifted on and off the fire base?

This is the correct way to lift the Kelly Kettle clear of the fire base and flames:

  1. Hold the handle (with both hands) at an angle of 90 degrees to the body of the kettle. 
  2. Lift the kettle straight up keeping the handle parallel to the ground.  The weight of the kettle will ensure that the kettle remains upright and that no water will spill.
  3. Once the kettle is clear of the base & flames, you can hold the handle in one hand directly over the chimney of the kettle and easily carry the water to wherever it is needed.
  4. To pour the water, hold the handle in one hand and gently lift on the cork chain to pour.

If more boiling water is needed, simply refill the kettle with cold water and gently place it back on the fire base - again using two hands as shown in the picture below.  Refill the chimney with fuel and 'hey presto', your kettle will be boiled again in about 3-5 minutes.


Note: Never put your hands or lift the handle directly over the chimney of the kettle when the kettle is lit, as it can result in a burn.

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