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Emergency and Prepper Survival Kits

Not only are Kelly Kettles fantastic products to use every day when on outdoor activities, but they also provide a valuable cornerstone to any Emergency Kit or Prepper Survival Kit. 

Kelly Kettles can be used to quickly and efficiently boil water to ensure it is safe and drinkable for you or your family. It can be also combined with the Kelly Kettle Cook Set to boil and cook food even in the harshest environments. 

One of the essential qualities of any survival kit item however is that it can be used on its own without being dependent on any other resource. Kelly Kettles use natural fuel such as sticks and twigs, so you'll never run out or be caught without fuel. Look after your Kelly Kettle and it will look after you forever. 


Survival Kit Qualities

  • Quick and efficient way to provide safe drinkable water for you and your family
  • Cook food easily in any environment
  • Runs on the endless supply of natural fuel in the natural world.