Kelly Kettle - The Quick-Boil Billy!

The Kelly Kettle* has been used on the West Coast of Ireland for over 100 years by the local fishermen, and has become a must-have item for camping, fishing, hiking and general outdoors activities. It is also essential for all emergency and Prepper survival kits.

A Kelly Kettle* will provide you with boiling water for that warming brew in minutes, thanks to the unique volcano chimney effect. Made from Stainless Steel, the Kettle is a double-walled chimney with the water contained within the chimney wall. Fill the kettle with water, light a small fire in the base, set the kettle on the base and drop additional fuel (twigs, leaves, grass, paper, etc.) down the chimney. Due to the large internal surface area of the chimney, the water boils in minutes.

This is a truly amazing camping kettle.  No moving parts, no carried fuel - simple!

Since only natural fuel is used you don't have to worry about carrying gas or liquid fuels with you. A small handful of sticks, dry leaves or pine cones etc, is enough to boil a large amount of water for a brew, washing or water purification. The Kelly Kettles are available in three sizes made from Stainless steel (Aluminium available in Trekker model only). Accessories are also available for use with the Kettles, see our products page for more information. Light to carry, easy to use, the Kelly Kettle will be one of your most used and valued pieces of outdoor gear.